Tyler’s Story

Tyler’s Story


February 20, 2014

Tyler is an energetic kid who loves to play with Legos and Power Rangers. His favorite color is blue and he loves reading Disney’s McQueen Series. He also enjoys playing at parks and playgrounds.


Tyler attends S. June Smith Center’s Inclusive Preschool. While Tyler doesn’t have any developmental needs, his parents shared with us a little bit about how the S. June Smith Center affected Tyler when his brother Max received services.


“Tyler was born with no issues and did not personally need the services.


But, Tyler participated with Max throughout his entire journey with the S. June Smith Center to date – from therapies to preschool!”


They continued to express how beneficial it was to have the S. June Smith Center involved in both of their lives, “We enjoy the fact that Tyler and Max can attend a preschool right now during the development stages where they really rely on each other.  Eventually, they may go to different schools, but they currently remain together where Tyler helps Max physically and Max helps Tyler socially!” This family-centered approach is at the core of the S. June Smith Center’s philosophy for delivering services.


Family time is very important to Tyler. He loves spending time with his twin brother, Max; big sisters, Emmie and Cami; and their puppy, Macy.

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