• Our Mission

  • Core Values

To provide those supports necessary to enable people with developmental needs to live as independently and fully as they desire within the community.
In support of our mission, we believe:

  • People with developmental needs are unique individuals with the same thoughts, desires, and dreams as anyone else.
  • Each individual possesses gifts and talents that enhance and nurture the richness and diversity of the community.
  • Each person’s capabilities, desires, and dreams will be the foundation for service choices and
    the individual receiving supports and services always comes FIRST!
  • The development of service options for each person will be enhanced by an environment
    and attitude which is supportive and nurturing.
  • Planning and decision-making can best occur through the commitment to a strengthening of a dynamic partnership between the individual, family, friends, the community and Excentia.  This network of relationships is integral to our mission and central to the concept of “Excentia.”


With a commitment to excellence, we look forward to your involvement and participation as an individual, a family member, or someone looking to make a real difference as a staff member or volunteer. We also appreciate your confidence and support in Excentia.

  • Our History

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  • 1960’s

    Since 1965, the S. June Smith Center has provided early intervention programs
    to meet the needs of infants and preschool children with developmental delays and disabilities.
    Dr. S. June Smith was a psychologist who gave many years of dedicated and innovative service
    to children with special needs in Lancaster County. Because of her hard work and
    persistence many great programs are available throughout Lancaster County today.

  • Our Stories

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  • kevin-300x190

    I Can!

    Kevin is one incredibly happy kid! He always has a smile on his face and his outgoing personality will win your heart. Kevin is involved in two of Excentia’s S. June Smith Center services: SPLASH and Birth to Three. These programs have helped him succeed in crawling and climbing stairs. Currently, his therapists are working to teach Kevin speech and walking. When he isn’t busy learning, Kevin loves to play with his siblings or listen to his parents reading his favorite books.

  • sonja-300x190

    Goals Help to Achieve Empowerment

    Sonja has a goal. Her goal is to engage in positive interactions with a variety of nonprofit organizations she volunteers throughout Lancaster. Sonja created this goal with her Volunteer Coordinator, Jen Burton, as a part of Excentia’s Independent U (IU) program. This program provides individuals with the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and abilities as assets to the community in which they live, work and play. The adults in this program volunteer at organizations that are tailored to their personal interests. For more information click here.  

  • firstresponders-300x190

    Understanding One Another

    Excentia has teamed up with the Lancaster Down Syndrome Advocates and First Responders of Lancaster to make a change! This March, first responders from all over the county will participate in an educational program about individuals with developmental needs. As inclusivity becomes more and more prevalent, it is imperative that first responders are trained on how to identify and handle situations involving individuals with developmental needs.