• Our Mission

  • Core Values

To provide those supports necessary to enable people with developmental needs to live as independently and fully as they desire within the community.
In support of our mission, we believe:

  • People with developmental needs are unique individuals with the same thoughts, desires, and dreams as anyone else.
  • Each individual possesses gifts and talents that enhance and nurture the richness and diversity of the community.
  • Each person’s capabilities, desires, and dreams will be the foundation for service choices and
    the individual receiving supports and services always comes FIRST!
  • The development of service options for each person will be enhanced by an environment
    and attitude which is supportive and nurturing.
  • Planning and decision-making can best occur through the commitment to a strengthening of a dynamic partnership between the individual, family, friends, the community and Excentia.  This network of relationships is integral to our mission and central to the concept of “Excentia.”


With a commitment to excellence, we look forward to your involvement and participation as an individual, a family member, or someone looking to make a real difference as a staff member or volunteer. We also appreciate your confidence and support in Excentia.

  • Our History

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  • 1970′s

  • 1980′s

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  • 1970′s

    Early 70′s

    In the 1970′s, initiatives were instituted to move individuals with intellectual disabilities from institutional settings
    back to their communities. One of the organizations created to meet the emerging needs of individuals was Reading- based Prospectus Associates Incorporated, which operated several residential homes.

  • July 1, 1977

    July 1, 1977

    Assumed Responsibility for operation
    of four residential sites supporting 12 children and young adults previously operated by another provider.

  • March 15, 1978

    March 15, 1978

    Established residential program for
    12 adults, many of whom had previously resided in state institutions.

  • Our Stories

  • Leadership Team

  • Board of Directors

  • max

    Family is the Foundation

    Max is an outgoing, fun and loving child. He began early intervention with the S. June Smith Center’s Birth to Three services. During this time a therapist came into his home and involved all his siblings in his therapy sessions so that his family was able to keep up with Max’s needs after the therapist was gone. Later, Max enrolled into the S. June Smith Center Preschool with his twin brother Tyler. The inclusive nature of the preschool allows children with and without developmental needs to learn together. This allowed Tyler (who doesn’t have developmental needs) continue to be part of Max’s development.

  • cathykevinmichael

    Happiness Has a Home

    Kevin, Kathy and Michael are the best of family-mates. They live together in one of Excentia’s residential homes and enjoy knowing that they are cared and loved. Click here to read more about their home and lifestyle in the first issue of Excentia’s Bounce Magazine.

  • djmike

    Somebody Give Him a Mike!

    DJ Mike showed an interest in mixing beats in high school. His parents supported this venture and gave him his first DJ set up.  His equipment was complete with two speakers, a mixer and a microphone. His first gig was for his church as the DJ for their Bible School dance.

    DJ Mike has been providing music for the Circle of Friends CoffeeHouse events and the Summer Enrichment’s dances for more than seven years.  He has also spun some lyrics for the local Special Olympics chapter and other company events throughout Lancaster County.