The Road Rally

The Excentia Road Rally


Form a team of 4 people.


Give your team a fun name!


Report to the starting point located at the parking lot. Be sure check-in and confirm your registration.


Go! The flag drops at 10 a.m.

This will be a great day of fun and challenging adventures with lots of stops at great local sponsors!

The Starting Point is located in the parking lot at Excentia’s main building, 1810 Rohrerstown Road, Lancaster, PA.

The flag drops at 10:00 AM and waves of cars will be released in 5-minute increments. There will be clues that lead to the next checkpoint on the Road Rally path. At each stop you will have a challenge that you must document with a selfie, then post to either Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. A minimum of three of your team members must be visible in each selfie to count as a successful checkpoint.

The first team to arrive at the Finish Line with all checkpoints properly documented will win the Road Rally trophy. There will also be a prize for the team that raises the most on their  fundraising page or at registration in cash & checks!

NOTE: Each team must have at least one licensed driver, proof of insurance for the vehicle they are using for the rally, and a smart phone with access to either Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Event Details


Excentia Main Building, 1810 Rohrerstown Road, Lancaster PA 17601


October 20th, 2018 at 9:00 AM


You and your team members can start a fundraising page through

Once your team raises $100, you are officially registered for the race. You can donate $100 for instant registration, or you can get your friends and family to make donations to get you to the $100 level.

Same day registration will close at 9:45 a.m.

Those registering on the day of the event, simply bring cash or check to the registration table in the amount of $100 (or more).
Excentia loves donations!


The cost to enter the race is $100. You can also fund-raise for your entrance fee. We even have a way for you to make your own personalized fundraising page.